I came across this little article on being intentional - inspired by the written works of Dr Wayne Dyer. The Daily Guru team have touched on the key concepts that Dr Dyer discusses + how to apply them to your life for personal and professional prosperity. 

I especially liked these 7  tips 

1. CREATIVITY: You need to recognize and embrace the creativity within you, your ideas are the foundation of your success, do not dismiss them.

2. KINDNESS: Dyer refers to kindness, some may call it karma, but it is the concept that you will be rewarded for good intentions.

3. LOVE: Love means a lack of judgment, a lack of anger or resentment. It means recognizing God in others.

4. BEAUTY: Beauty must be appreciated in everything.

5. EXPANSION: Expansion refers to yourself, do not set limits and always seek to expand your own understanding.

6. UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE: Unlimited Abundance means facing your fears, and conquer your own limitations.

7. RECEPTIVITY: Receptivity is to be open, without judgment, remaining aware of possibilities where others do not, and most importantly, simply having faith in the power of intention and allowing it to work.

 - Source The Daily Guru

Follow this link to read the full article.

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