From where I'd rather be.

With the smell of fresh cut wood surrounding my senses. In a workshop, creating pieces with my hands and know how - cultivating the idea of shaping and smoothing out the knots. If its early in the day I want to have a cup of fresh brewed french press coffee in that mug siting on the side board - you know that mug, the one you always look for in the back of the cupboard. The one you'll give a quick rinse when you find it dirty in the sink over grabbing a clean cup from the assortment you own. If its late in the day perhaps I'll enjoy a nice cold brew - an IPA or a whiskey and ginger. A gentle tipple. Even as the sun drops in the sky I'll continue working on my pieces. I'll want to finish of the edge or sand back just a bit more. The doors will be wide open so I can look out at the universe. Observe. And the weather will be warm verging on balmy.

That's where I'd rather be right now.

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Mustard Pod said...

I'd rather be there too! Sounds amazing... so true about the MUG too!