Edible Education

I have recently begun listening to the series Edible Education on youtube. Edible Education is a course taught at Berkeley University, California where the University has kindly allowed free public access to the recorded lectures they run for students, these recordings are available via youtube*. 

I haven’t finished all their lectures yet but from what I have watched Berkeley has a host of guest lecturers speaking on agriculture. They discuss the issues and problems facing our food industry today and into the future. It makes me feel alittle like a student again siting in the back row taking notes!

I have enjoyed hearing Michael Pollan talk about the modern food system touching on how we got into this current unsustainable monoculture mess. 

I have listened to Garrison Sposito speak on the ecological issues created by our current food systems today; both in America and globally. He provided many statistics on crop production and greenhouse gases that blew my mind!  

Currently I’m half way through listening to Marion Nestle giving her two cents on America's Farm Bill formally known as ‘The Agricultural Act of 2014’.  I am enjoying her take on how America managed to create a piece of legislation that barely addresses the real issues facing food production in the USA today and into the future. 

A lot of this material appears somewhat America-centric at the moment but parallels can easily be drawn across to other countries. 

I’m looking toward to continuing my edible education – it’s great to have access to such quality resources thanks Berkeley!! 

P.s. I first heard about the series on this farms blog workinghandsfarm check them out

* Link to come

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