Flowers at the Market : Spring

As I've mentioned before I'm living the city life, which means frequenting my local markets. As a self-confessed market junkie I spend the week happily anticipating the event. Striding into the markets at Kings Cross in Sydney's Fitzroy Gardens I was meet with a spectacular array of flowers.


I LOVE flowers in the home – it’s a lovely reminder of nature. In New Zealand the trees are all covered in blossom, one of the first signs that spring has sprung as they say. Spring is usually known for her role ('her' as a link to new life and growth) as a precursor to summer. But I say hey spring deserves a little time to be acknowledged in her own right.

There is an undeniable connection between the arrival of spring and the feeling of renewal. The new season brings with her an appreciation of process, and a view toward growth and change. I have yet to see any blossom growing on the streets of Sydney but it's nice to see her here (even if it sat inside a bucket).  

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