27 Club

Recently at a family event my cousin brought up the notion of surviving past the age of 27 - this was of particular interest to me as I'm currently experiencing that number of destiny! Apparently some the worlds coolest creatives haven't lived past this epic time. After some Goggling it appears the '27 Club', as its known, is deserving of the hype.

I thought alittle review is in order - so I can see what I'm up against this year! There was chatter on the night as to whether these folk peaked and exhausted the universes allocation of awesomeness - this line of thought leads me to reflect on my own allocation of awesomeness. Am I yet to tap into it? or maybe mines made of different vices and virtues?

So in no particular order here are some notable members of the 27 Club...

one. Kurt Cobain. 1994. Suicide by Gunshot.

two. Janice Joplan. 1970. Drug Overdose.

three. Brian Jones. 1969. Drowning.

four. Amy Winehouse. 2011. Alcohol Poisoning.

five. Jim Morrison. 1971. Cause Unknown.

six. Jimi Hendrix. 1970. Asphyxiation.

All of these peeps oozed creative energy and filled the world with memorable music / life / love. A quick Wikipedia will show a long list of names that grace the 27 Clubs pages. These artists endeavors whilst on this earthly plane will continue to reverberate into the future... jealous much...but was the price to high for such reward?

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