Veg Rant

It's clear to me that the quality of the vegetables on offer at supermarkets is inferior to that which I have been able to produce in my own garden. The price tag placed on some produce is also crazy... but I can concede to understanding some of the high prices so often complained about. It’s usually the items which are not in season that attract a higher price – and those items are commonly sourced from overseas supplies as well.

Vegetable gardening is not only a budget friendly activity it is also an opportunity to enjoy witnessing the measured growth of food. This presents the chance to sample your vegetables during their different stages of growth. It can be as simple as picking veg when it’s still young such as using baby beetroot or the famous ( in New Zealand) new potato, harvested in its youth. The benefit of growing your own can also extend into the more unique like gathering zucchini flowers – this delicate harvest needs to be used before the flowers wilt, such temperamental behaviour is often not suitable for the commercial production seen in supermarkets. 
Its undeniable once you've tasted produce which has been freshly picked, whether from a local farmers market or your own garden, you'll never be satisfied by supermarket quality again.


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