Pseudo Garden


Amateur gardener knocking about over here! I'm a country bumpkin stuck in the city sprawl. As a city lemming the limitations of urban dwelling means I have no space to garden or endlessly potter about in my own sacred green space. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone in cities but it does for my current circumstances. I have done stints in the country where I was able to devote hours to creating a vegetable garden and went crazy planting fruit trees. Now I find myself in a second story flat with fly screens on every window, I can’t even fling my arm out to feel a bit of wind. So I have resigned myself to what I’ll call here a pseudo garden. Here I'll ponder and write about my garden as constructed in my mind.

I’ll discuss the plants that are taking my fancy, where I’d want to plant them in my own patch, companion plants to place them with for a flourishing display or which plants to avoid them sharing cosy quarters with. I have a particular love for the vege patch and all things eatable – rooted in a deep desire for self-sufficiency most likely, so they’ll probably take prime position but we’ll see how it goes as my pseudo garden grows. 

I’m certainly no expert so take my words with a grain of Himalayan salt, but I’m looking forward to a space where I can share my future plans and plants; thanks for tagging along with me as I create my green space out of little grey cells*.  

* Classic Agatha Christie from her famous character 'Poirot'
** My selections and protentions, like when the best time to plant certain crops would be are for the Southern Hemisphere. The mythical land of New Zealand to be specific. 

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